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There are tons of ways to help someone going through cancer! First, let’s look at some aspects of your situation and then you can take a look at some ideas that might be ways you can help your person!


If you live close to your loved one, here are some ideas for you:
  • Bring a meal ready to eat or that can be frozen
  • Do a grocery run
  • Do a basic needs run (deodorant without aluminum, soup without scent, sunscreen without scent, etc)
  • Pick up/Drop off kids
  • Take out/bring in trash
  • Drive to appointments
  • Take notes at dr. appointments and give them the notes
  • Walk their dog
  • Bring tea and have a listen session
Do you enjoy texting? Here are some ideas to text them:
  • Send them uplifting texts
  • Send them funny texts
  • Send them reminders if they’ve asked for them
Are you skilled at organizing and have some time to devote to a project for them? Here are some ideas:
Do you want to send a present? Here are some ideas for gifts to give:

Link to blog on gifts to give someone with cancer

Note: They get to choose who they want to have help them with everything and particularly medical stuff.  That may be the area that you want to help with, but if they’ve chosen someone else to help them research options, review stats, talk with doctors, ask questions, etc, then you need to back off there. You can ask if they want help and if they say no, you can offer to be there if they change their mind and then you drop it.

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